Your Real-Time AI to Transform Data to Insight

Our Singu̇AI platform puts YOU at the center of the AI revolution

  • Intelligent Document Processing
  • Intelligent Image Processing
  • Predictive Analytics

We make AI practical, scalable, and cost effective

Our Advantage

Singu̇AI allows you to build sophisticated Machine Learning models that fit your business requirements without data scientists. Our Real-Time AI guides the user through the process of labeling data, training and deploying models, and maintaining them in a full cycle.  No data scientists are necessary in the entire process.

Singu̇AI is the answer to unlocking the value hidden in your unstructured documents and images, without having to spend months tagging documents, parsing sentences, and analyzing semantics. 

We empower your business users to build highly accurate models with small sample sizes, delivering value in days rather than months. The platform is self-training and adapting, providing real time interaction between the human and AI. Unlike other systems, where there is no way to adapt to new data once the model for a particular document type is built, Singu̇AI never stops learning.  Data is ever-evolving and Singu̇AI continually learns to drive accuracy higher and higher.

Singu̇AI Platform Introduction

Singu̇AI Platform Products

Our advanced platform is comprised of three interoperable engines


NLP Process Engine

Self-adapting Natural Language Processing to extract meaning from semi-structured or unstructured text in any format (text documents, emails, records, et al.)


Image Process Engine

Self-adapting Image Classification that integrates Computer Vision with Natural Language Processing to accurately extract textual information from images – scanned documents or multi-media assets like drivers’ licenses and ID cards.


Predictive Analytics Engine

Uses neural networks within a deep learning approach to facilitate the modeling, prediction and execution of various business functions, including detecting fraud, predicting claims, recommending products, projecting sales, avoiding outages, trading securities, et al.

The Unstructured Data Challenge

Traditional tools like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) are rules-based; this inhibits their ability to work with data sources that have no structure and where information is in natural language. Unfortunately, it is estimated that 80% or more of enterprise data is unstructured, which means most data is out of scope for traditional automation approaches.

Enterprises continually seek to automate as many processes as they can, but they often hit a wall when it comes to unstructured documents, such as contracts, financial reports and emails.  Even semi-structured documents like invoices and purchase orders resist attempts to automate, because while the information to be extracted stays the same, the document layouts vary.

For many organizations, unstructured data falls into two categories:

  1. Data they must process manually to complete tasks.
  2. Data they ignore that contains untapped values.

Singu̇AI cognitively processes unstructured data to address both scenarios:

  • Singu̇AI provides the fuel for automating work by making unstructured data ready for digital consumption and automated processing.
  • Singu̇AI provides Advanced Content Intelligence (ACI) to unlock the business value contained in unstructured documents and deliver insight to downstream core systems.
  • Singu̇AI provides a platform with self-training engines that allows business users to generate models based on their own data in a much shortened life-cycle without involving data scientists or programmers, so that business users can leverage AI to process a lot more use cases with larger variance within each use case.