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Accurately extract all data from 990EZ form (100+ fields)

CHALlENGE Overview

The 990EZ is an annual tax information filing exempting small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations from paying taxes. There are hundreds of thousands of 990EZ forms completed yearly that our client processes with the help of legacy OCR solutions. OCR-based solutions are useful for data extraction from simple, structured documents. They are template and rules-based, meaning they cannot adapt to new data types.

At first glance, the 990EZ form may appear to be a simple, “structured” document (the document format/layout/appearance remains consistent); however, upon closer evaluation, one can say that the 990EZ possesses “unstructured” elements. For example, when using an electronic form filler, a table cell may expand to accommodate longer responses. In this instance, the 990 form deviates from the original document template and can be considered a variation.

The client’s current technology solution cannot handle these variations in data, and only 60% of 990EZ forms can be successfully processed. Additional time must be spent capturing the remaining 40% of values. Our client wants a scalable solution that can accurately extract all data from the 990EZ form, regardless of document format, structure and variability.


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