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About Us

How it all started

Singularity Systems Inc. provides an Artificial Intelligence platform called Singu̇AI to help enterprises transform their raw data into actionable insight. We work with a wide variety of companies across a broad spectrum of industries to help them use Artificial Intelligence to efficiently leverage data in real-time to power operational decisions at machine speed. Singu̇AI is YOUR Real-Time AI to transform data to insight.

The Singu̇AI platform is comprised of three powerful Engines: Singu̇TXT, Singu̇IMG, and Singu̇PREDICT. These engines put powerful Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, and Predictive Analytics capabilities into the hands of business users to automate the full life cycle of labeling, training, modeling, deploying, and maintaining business focused AI projects.

Most enterprise data is either manually processed or ignored, because it remains buried in unstructured formats that are unable to be consumed by machines. This inhibits the flow of data through your enterprise and locks you into a 20th century operational model. Singu̇AI unlocks the value in that data with Intelligent Document Processing and Intelligent Image Processing, to clean and curate the data trapped in documents and images and prepare it for business consumption.

Established in 2019, Singularity Systems is headquartered in Princeton, in the heart of New Jersey’s Einstein’s Alley. We make AI practical, scalable, and cost effective by putting YOU at the center of the AI Revolution.


Yun Cao

Yun Cao has 20 years of experience in high tech, advanced manufacturing and investment. He held various senior positions in leading investment firms and European/US Fortune 500 companies, including CICC, Motorola, Alcoa, ABB and Continental Group. With a strong background in corporate finance, M&A, restructuring and business integration, he played key roles in a number of major M&A, project financing and IPO transactions in China and overseas.

Mr. Cao is well connected with VC and entrepreneur communities in US and China; he holds a Master of Management, London School of Economics, and Bachelor of Economics, Peking University.

Tianhao Wu, PhD

Dr. Wu possesses more than 20 years of Machine Learning experience. With a PhD in the NLP field, he developed search engine systems at He architected machine learning platforms and led Data Scientist and Engineer teams to deploy solutions for customers. Holding multiple patents, he has successfully worked out over two hundred real-world AI use cases.

Zhaohan Ge

Zhaohan has been a successful investment banker with 15 years’ experience. As Executive Director in BOCI, she was directly involved in key multi-billion-dollar financing projects. Ms. Ge’s expertise covers the whole spectrum of Chinese financial industry practices; she specializes in capital market financing, new business expansion, corporate governance and driving organizational reform. Within her recent capacity, she led a team of over 100 employees and tripled the performance within 12 months. Ms. Ge holds a Master’s in International Business Law, University of Aberdeen, and Bachelor of Law, China University of Political science and Law.

Abby Levenberg, PhD
Chief Data Scientist

Dr. Levenberg has over a decade of experiences in applying AI and Machine Learning to complex real-world problems in both academia and industry. He dealt with a wide variety of problem domains including financial and economic trend prediction, hyper parameter optimization, NLP, statistical machine translation, fraud detection, sentiment analysis and more.

Scott Lee
Chief Revenue Officer

As CRO, Mr. Lee is responsible for driving Singularity Systems’ revenue growth strategy and execution globally.  With more than 20 years’ experience across a multitude of technologies, including AI and Intelligent Automation, Mr. Lee is a recognized leader in creating and leading high performance go-to-market organizations. Prior to joining Singularity, he was Chief Strategy Officer at ClearSky Technology Partners and Global Head of Alliances at WorkFusion.   

Mr. Lee sits on the advisory board of several technology firms and non-profits and holds an Education degree from Emporia State University.

Yingchao "YZ" Zhang, PhD
VP, Business Development

Dr. “YZ” Zhang switched from physics research to computer technology in 1997. With more than 20 years of working with several technology companies serving Wall Street and other large enterprises in Northeast America, he has established a wide range of networks with seasoned technologists and IT executives in the area.  Served as local elected official in various positions, his personal network is further expanded.  He obtained his Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics from Stony Brook University, and B.Sc. from University of Science and Technology of China.

Kevin Lu
Director of Engineering

Mr. Lu has 20+ years in full-spectrum product management, engineering and system architecture. His experience covers various industries including financial services, eCommerce, telecom, media delivery, etc. He has played critical roles in piloting new products, creating overall solution architectures, and driving technology innovations from concept to final delivery and deployment.

Mr. Lu has M.S. degree from Vanderbilt University, and M.Eng./B.Eng. from Tsinghua University.