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Fuzzy search

Fuzzy search 10K

Identify non-exact matches of your target item on 10k forms.
Currently out-of-service.
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fuzzy search

Fuzzy search case law

Search for a word that could potentially be found on a case law and watch our engine identify words with similar intent.
Currently out-of-service
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information extraction

w2 extraction

Background: A W-2 collection company collects a few million hardcopies of W-2 forms from its State and digitizes the information to a database​.
Go to our "downloads" page and download the two W-2 forms to try on our demo.
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information extraction

10k extraction

Background: A large investment firm in the US needs to extract a dozen of key elements from a large number of public companies’ Annual Financial Reports (10K)​
A financial service company in the US needed to extract a dozen of key elements from a large number of public companies’ Annual Financial Reports (10K)​
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Smart ocr

Background: AI model processes images of documents, VIN, and accident damage submitted through various input channels and of varying quality (noisy backgrounds, reflection, etc.)
Go to our "downloads" page to download the files for this demo and see how quickly our proprietary OCR engine works to classify and extract key data from multiple document types.
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DOCUMENT reconciliation

Material Test report (MTR) reconciliation

Background: MTRs are important documents within midstream oil&gas operations. Singularity worked with industry experts to digitize MTRs and optimize the MTR reconciliation process.
In this demo, users can submit MTRs to the database and create lists matching components to their corresponding MTRs.
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Full text ocr

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OCR for Microservices

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Natural language processing


Our user-friendly NLP platform allows users to build classification and extraction models from text documents.
SinguTXT was used to train a model to extract key data from matrix statements that come in different formats and hundreds of layouts.
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