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Self-Adapting Computer Vision Engine for Intelligent Image Processing


Extract value from image data

Singu̇IMG provides Intelligent Image Processing (IIP) and integrates Computer Vision with Natural Language Processing to accurately extract textual information from images: scanned documents (invoices, et al.), stamps, multi-media assets like drivers’ licenses and ID cards, et al.

Singu̇IMG uses Deep Neural Networks for Classification and Recognition of images to solve domain-specific challenges, such as: change detection, defect recognition, quality control, damage assessment, retail search-by-image, et al

Key Capabilities

Who we serve

Singu̇IMG provides Intelligent Image Processing solutions for a number of key industries

Banks, financial services & insurance companies

Customer onboarding is often a tedious process. With Singu̇IMG, banks can offer a seamless KYC experience for digital banking services with real-time data extraction from identity documents, credit cards, and various forms

Healthcare & pharma

With Singu̇IMG, hospitals and healthcare insurance providers can optimize patient management by extracting data from medical or insurance cards, patient identity documents, drug prescriptions, and other scanned documents. SingIMG enables identity scanning from IDs, passports, or employee badges to verify patients, staff, and visitors in medical facilities

Oil & gas

Oil & Gas companies have a wealth of image data available to them: satellite imagery, thermal imagery, surveillance images, et al. With Singu̇IMG, Oil & Gas companies can build models to extract drilling information, conduct inspections, and detect changes in infrastructure


Retailers can optimize store operations without having to invest in dedicated hardware devices. With Singu̇IMG, retailers scan barcodes, price tags, or other product information to enable real-time tracking of inventory data and customer purchases. Identity document scanning can expedite the checkout process while reducing fraud