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Finance & Operations

Leverage our AI to streamline operational processes

Increase operational efficiency and improve decision-making

Today’s enterprises are powered by dozens or hundreds of manual processes and workflows, most often involving documents and text-based information. Critical subject matter experts are bogged down with mundane and repetitive tasks and are unable to focus on new opportunities to drive value for the business.

Singularity’s solutions quickly comprehend the volumes of text and image content flowing through your critical processes to drive efficiency and reduce costs.

Sample Use Cases

Stock price projection

Based on its deep analysis of historical trading data, AutoML successfully predicts stock price trends for specific stocks/portfolios in a designated period of time.

Information Extraction

The platform automatically extracts key information from files, thus streamlining routine manual work, such as form filling and integrity checks, freeing staff from repetitive work, as well as making integrity checks more efficient.

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Information Extraction